“Je suis de Faïence”
“An act of defaïence”


DEFAÏENCE was founded in September 2021 by Nicola Bacchilega, a fashion designer with a background in ceramic sculpture who bridges the gap between contemporary fashion and time-honored tradition. 

Drawing inspiration from the designer's connection to his former environment, DEFAÏENCE breathes life into the legacy of Italian craftsmanship and ceramic artistry, crafting avant-garde ready-to-wear apparel, and accessories.

Nicola's collections embody a revolutionary spirit, challenging antiquated stereotypes and favoring a positive transformation dedicated to the future. 

At the heart of DEFAÏENCE’s mission is a commitment to providing timeless products that blend craftsmanship with innovation. As a trailblazer in sustainability, the brand sets industry best practices in motion, ensuring that each creation reflects a harmonious balance between tradition and progress.

 Black and white picture of Nicola Bacchilega, founder of DEFAÏENCE. The picture is a close up of his face to his armpit. He is laying on a couch wearing a black long sleeve shirt as he is resting his head on his arms, which one is touching the back of his very short blond hair.

Picture of Nicola Bacchilega, founder and CREATIVE DIRECTOR.  



The Team


We are an international team with diverse backgrounds and experiences, collaborating to refine and enhance our ideas.


Our team is characterized by its determination and commitment as we consistently seek opportunities to integrate innovation with tradition while prioritizing sustainable growth.


Where we connect


DEFAÏENCE engages with its customers through its e-commerce platform, social media, and a network of multi-brand stores in Faenza, Dubai, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Oslo, and Riyadh. Our objective is to further expand our presence globally, with plans to open more DEFAÏENCE stores, as well as establish corners and shop-in-shops in additional countries.




The clean shapes of DEFAÏENCE clothes follow the fine sinuosity of the ceramics. The delicacy of the garments is harmonized with a powerful visual impact, dictated by the audacity with which they sculpt the female body. Our garments are designed to offer a second-skin experience, celebrating feminine sensuality, with meticulous attention to every detail to transform the body into a work of art.


At DEFAÏENCE, our RTW collection embodies our brand's commitment to contemporary style and wearability. Our designs strike a balance between timeless elegance and modern trends, providing a curated selection that's unique to DEFAÏENCE. From wardrobe staples to fashion-forward choices, our RTW collection showcases our dedication to offering distinctive, ready-to-wear solutions for the fashion-conscious consumer.




DEFAÏENCE's jewelry collection embodies a genderless vision, offering a selection ranging from fine jewelry to 3D pieces. We transform ceramic designs into incredibly lightweight 3D printed jewelry for ultimate comfort, alongside traditional handcrafted metal jewelry. Each piece is individually handmade, ensuring its unique character and appeal. 


DEFAÏENCE jewelry is expertly modeled using the finest techniques of ceramic artistry. Creating a connection between artisanry and modern technology, our jewelry collections bear the mark of individuality, where subtle irregularities, tonal variations, or marks are cherished as authentic expressions of craftsmanship.




From A-list actors and musicians to influential fashion icons, our products have graced the likes of Hollywood red carpets, exclusive events, and personal appearances. These celebrities, with their discerning taste and influence, have not only elevated DEFAÏENCE's visibility but have also become ambassadors of the style and quality that defines our creations.