Nicola Bacchilega’s background derives from the art of ceramics and metals and already boasts a curriculum of experiences with the highest fashion brands.

DEFAIENCE stems from the union between the creative director’s hometown, Faenza, internationally renowned for its ceramics (known as “faïence”), and the English word “defiance” which implies a challenge, provocation, a strenuous research of freedom of expression.

The goal is to create fluid and hybrid paradigms between fashion and sculpture, using sustainable materials and a unique know-how from the artisans of Faenza.

The brand’s core is sustainability, carried out by choosing recycled materials and a cross-seasonal and made to order approach, which allows the brand to avoid useless surplus. Innovation is another major focus of the brand, using 3D technology to turn sculptures into accessories. These choices are necessary in order to balance the relationship with Mother Nature.

The language derives from strong women throughout different eras, united today to fight against prejudices and ancient beliefs. This results in a new ecosystem for the new communities in which they live and influence.