Defaïence fine jewelry is handmade in Italy. Please handle each piece with care when wearing and removing it. 

Each piece is expertly modeled using the finest techniques creating a connection between artisanry and modern technology. Defaïence jewelry collections bear the mark of individuality, where subtle irregularities, tonal variations, or marks are cherished as authentic expressions of craftsmanship.

To ensure the enduring beauty of your jewel, we advise you to:

Protect it from humidity: refrain from contact with liquid, hand cream, hand sanitizer, make-up, and perfume. If your jewelry comes into contact with water or any of those substances, be sure to dry it afterward thoroughly. The presence of moisture between your skin and the jewel can accelerate the erosion of the gold plating.

Chlorinated or salt water from pools, hot tubs, or the ocean can harm gold plating and silver. Remove jewelry before swimming for protection. 

Store it in the Defaïence dust bag or box.